Annie Press (in Wisconsin) specializes in publishing materials with a purpose and promoting a "give-back" attitude by making a donation for every sale. This has generated over $11,700 for charities, as of 12/31/14. A warm, heartfelt THANKS to all that make this possible through your purchases!  Our mission:"Raise $1million for charity while making the world a happier place."

Mary Anne is selling her home near Middleton, WI to move on to her next dream...Click here for more info on the home

Near COLUMBUS, WI there is a Big Shop and Ranch Home for sale also.  See info for that home here.

Have an AMAZING LIFE, no matter what!



Use this book as a quick-reference to quickly overcome the common things that hold you back or down in life!  It's so easy to have an unbelievably happy life!  


Your purchase helps the community as profits are shared with retailers and non-profit organizations!  Very thoughtful GIFT!


Rise Above the Sh**!

Down-to-earth thinking from Wisconsin

Paperback and on CDs too, for the multi-taskers! Includes a bonus track, "Obtaining your dreams and how this book came to be." 


Mary Anne's Country Home is FOR SALE

 Where Teens help Teens  (in progress)




Give a RISE ABOVE wristband as you tell someone how they made your life better!


(Ask the recipient to wear it for 2 weeks and then pass it along to someone else, in the same way.)


Brighten a day. 
Brighten a life. 
Start something GOOD!