Annie Press (in Wisconsin) specializes in publishing materials with a purpose and promoting a "give-back" attitude by making a donation for every sale. This has generated over $19,000 for charities, so far! A warm, heartfelt THANKS to all that make this possible through your purchases!  Our mission: "Raise $1million for charity while making the world a happier place."

Overcome what holds you BACK or DOWN in life . . .

Rise Above the Sh**!

Down-to-earth thinking from Wisconsin

Your purchase helps the community as profits are shared with retailers and non-profit organizations!  Also makes a very thoughtful gift!
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Give a RISE ABOVE wristband as you tell someone how they made your life better!


(Ask the recipient to wear it for 2 weeks and then pass it along to someone else, in the same way.)


Brighten a day. 
Brighten a life. 
Start something GOOD!