Rise Above the Sh**!

About the Author, Mary Anne

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2015 - 5 years after 1st book...
2010 - 1st book release...
Rise Above the Sh**! Author Mary Anne
Rise Above Author Mary Anne
Mary Anne has been writing for many years in her spare time, and in 2010, released her first book, Rise Above the Sh**!

Driven to publish materials with a purpose, she hopes to inspire and assist others while raising awareness to a "give-back" attitude.

In addition to the ideas presented in
Rise Above the Sh**!, Mary Anne hopes to assist in promoting charity events and as a standard, will donate money to a charity for each and every book sold, through any channel.  Her favorite non-profits are those that serve agriculture and children.

Mary Anne has been a Wisconsin resident her whole life and is proud of the down-to-earth thinking she was raised with; it is the basis of her first book
Rise Above the Sh**!
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Mary Anne's other projects:

Wellness Advocates (coming soon)


Where Teens help Teens  (in progress)