I love to read!  Here are some of my favorite authors; they continue to inspire me after I wrote my first book and I'm amazed when I see exact or similar words in what they have written, some a long time ago.  It gives me the courage to know I'm on my right path!

Remember, only YOU know what is right and true for you; you can never think or be exactly like anyone else, so you should never attempt to take everything they say and do and apply it to your life!  Try out the things that sound true and comfortable to your heart, but always go with your heart on what is right for you!  Many of the wise minds listed below are far beyond what I can comprehend, and even what I CHOOSE to comprehend, but they also offer some great basics that have helped me take huge leaps of faith and have inspired me beyond what I can explain.  A lot of times, they simply confirm something you already know about yourself and what you really want to do.  As always, trust your positive feelings and go with them, and leave the rest behind.  Only YOU know what is TRUE FOR YOU.

Louise L. Hay

Doreen Virtue

Deepak Chopra

Wayne Dyer

Marianne Williamson

Rhonda Byrne

Tama Kieves

Tami Gulland

Neale Donald Walsch

Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

Kevin Hall

Mitch Albom

Caroline Myss