Read a couple pages from the book, Rise Above the Sh**!

WARNING!  This excerpt is from one of the more blunt chapters; it requires a sense of humor!

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Bad days happen, but you can still come out a winner.




Don’t dump, splatter, or even flick any littlest piece of SH** on people you love, especially your family or significant other!  Think about it.  When all hell breaks lose and things are gloom and doom, the one thing you can count on is someone who loves and cares about you.  When you have someone that sticks by you (maybe even when you don’t deserve it), why would you try to talk them out of caring for you by dumping crap on them?  The poor innocent bystander gets it, huh?


Might as well make it pure hell by pushing away the only people that can help, right?  Oh, and there’s a bonus!  If you’re crappy to them often enough, you will lose your appeal to them.  They will may stop offering their help or concern, or even stop liking you!  If you give them enough crap, you may even just drive them right out of your life!  Cool, huh?  Yeah, that’s what you wanted, right?  If it’s not what you want, then why do it?  Stop!  Think!


I’m not telling you to suffer in silence or keep things from your loved ones.  Not at all.  I’m just saying they’re not there to be your port-a-potty, conveniently there when you need to take a dump!  You can share feelings about your troubles and bad days without covering those close to you with it!  At a time that’s considerate of your loved one, let them know what’s going on, but be sure to thank them for listening.  Be kind to them and let them know you appreciate them being there for you.  Take the time to listen to them.  They stopped to listen to you, didn’t they?  Even if you haven’t found a time to throw a pity party in their presence, it’s still not fair to fling a shovel-full of crap at them, just because they came in contact with you.  Just the opposite is best.  Express your gratitude towards their being there.  Just that gesture alone will make you feel better.


You may be in a bad or sad mood.  You may have just had somebody else dump a loader bucket of moist crap on you, barely leaving your head sticking out to breathe.  It doesn’t matter.  As I’ve explained before, re-dumping this on someone else will never make you feel better, but dumping it on someone close to you is the ultimate offense.  It tops the charts on things that make you feel especially guilty and poopy.  If you ever do it unintentionally, just look at the hurt in their eyes or the disgust on their face and tell me, you aren’t lower than low?


Caring people are there to let you vent, briefly, but only after you’ve made it clear you are not angry or upset with them.  Be kind and considerate when you vent; it’s really not that hard.  If you’ve gone too far with your lack of control or the duration of your pity party, stop.  Apologize, express your appreciation, and then ask them how they are doing.  Focus on listening to how. . .