Request Appearance of Author of Rise Above the Sh**!, Mary Anne, at Fundraising or Promotional Event

We are happy to try to be available to help you draw attention to your fundraiser or business, if the following requirements are met in advance.  Please realize that requests are granted only at the discretion and availability of the author.

We will contact you to discuss this request; please do not plan on the author's appearance until it has been confirmed by the author, Mary Anne.
Rise Above the Sh**! Author, Mary Anne

  1. Complete the request form below, in full, to provide us with complete information on the event.
  2. Once the date/time is confirmed by Mary Anne, you will take care of ensuring a local article or announcement appears in the newspaper, approximately one week before the event.  We can supply a short write-up, as needed.  Optional:  Similar attention can be created if you hang posters at local high-traffic areas as well.
  3. You will supply everything needed to securely display, sell, and checkout books directly for your customers. (Including the staff, at your expense.)
  4. You will supply a suitable area for the author to sit and sign books.
  5. You will direct customers to the line for book signings.
  6. You will be available at least a half-hour before the event begins to verify the count of the books that are brought on-site; you will also be available immediately at the end of the event to count the books once again, to confirm the number of books used or sold at the event. 
  7. You are responsible for, and will be invoiced immediately at the end of the event, for all books that were checked in and not put back into the author's inventory when she leaves.  (Again, keep the books secure, for your protection.)
  8. Unless you are a non-profit, tax-exempt organization, you must collect and pay the state and local sales tax, as required on anything you sell. 
  9. If required by state law, make sure you hold and display the required seller's permit for the location you are selling the books.
  10. At the end of the event, you will be invoiced for all books sold or used.  Full payment in cash or check is required at that time.
  11. A minimum purchase may be required, however, you will be notified of this at the time the event is being scheduled and confirmed by the author.
  12. You must supply a WI Tax Exemption Certificate before the event if you do not wish to be charged WI states and local tax on your book purchase.