$25,000 of $1million goal for charity so far! 

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About AnniePress.com and its Projects . . .

"Raise $1million for charity while making the world a happier place."    


Annie Press (in Wisconsin) specializes in publishing materials with a purpose and promoting a "give-back" attitude by making a donation for every sale.  A warm, heartfelt THANKS to all that make this possible through your purchases and referrals for retailers!    A list of some of the charities can be found here:  Charities that have received donations


Your feedback keeps us going in our mission, so feel free to email us at Annie.Press@yahoo.com for:

  • Getting on the email list to get updates on new Notes, Events, and Books
  • Questions, Comments, Suggestions
  • Author Appearances during Special Events to raise funds and awareness
  • Purchasing larger quantities for Resale, Education, Fundraisers, Book Clubs, etc., if this Resale Form doesn't work

For those supporting Vets, people in Recovery, Shelters, etc. . . if you'd like a free book for your Resource Library, please email us with what you're doing at Annie.Press@yahoo.com  (Thank you for what you do & consider a listing on WellnessAdvocates.net!)

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Divine Guidance with book releases has opened doors to other purposeful projects, such as:


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